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Art to make you Feel

Life is a story, we’re the main character’s to our own lives and yet we so often rush past all the important things. Sometimes people should just sit down at a random place and observe. View their world rather than chase it by. I try to find a way to make people feel they need to take a seat. Not because it’s gruesome or shocking, but because your heart beats quicker and you can relate.

About Me

Hi my name is Robin, I’m a Belgian beginning artist and was born 19 december 1999. I am finishing my ending project this year and it has me really excited. It is my first big art project.
I always dreamed of being an artist. Mostly just for fun as a child. I had many dreams that I may someday pursue such as writer, artist, massage therapist, physiotherapist and so on. When my parents divorced though all that positivity and dreams were put on hold. And I had a large amount of setbacks preventing me from growing as a person.
Depression, burn out and my regular life with disorders like autism and hypersensitivity have caused me to stop art and follow the course of literature for a while. But that wasn’t enough. And when I finally left the places that couldn’t help me at all and went to art school. Everything just seemed to click in place.
Now I make art to express myself and to make others feel. My goal is to make art works that will have people sit down and look at it. For a moment enjoy the peace and calmth and the pure raw emotions I work into the art.
I don’t think I’ll ever stop making art, it’s addicting to create.

A stargazer boy,
A dream child to have
A friend to behold
A japanese rose yet to bloom.
Holding that tiny flower pot
gazing at stars, some small locks of hair
breaking it’s view of a million shiny stars
burning for you

My Work










2019 Final Project “Transformation”